Hi welcome to Toast Photography... If your on this page your obviously wanting to know who we are! Well we may just tell you a little bit about ourselves then if you insist!...  We are Charlie & Emma and we like taking photos at peoples weddings! Initially it was myself (Charlie) that set up Charlie James Photography and it was just little old me on my own at weddings :(  Emma is my partner of 6 years and has always had an interest in photography alongside me.. we've always had the best/same cameras and pretty much take identical photos!.. So we decided in mid 2016 to set up TOAST. This way we become a team at weddings...can literally be in 2 places at once and clients end up with a better coverage of their day! 

Emma & I live in a little village called Barton under Needwood just on the outskirts of Burton on Trent.. There is also Ellie who is 8yrs old and addicted to anything My Little Pony and Benn who is 11yrs old and is a budding little photographer himself. It won't be long until we are training him up to join the team!! Oh and not forgetting our newest member of the family...Phoebe our cat, who's hobbies are eating...sleeping...eating... & did I mention eating!? Whilst not par-taking in these hobbies she sleeps inbetween..

We are big geeks at heart, we have definitely gone past the clubbing stage and now don't save up our pennies to go boozing.. but for our yearly National Trust membership...oh yes! but sshhh lets keep that between us. We love visiting & walking around all our local national trust places, going to the gym....pizza...(but not in the same week)... watching scary movies & looking at photography equipment we can't afford on google.... 

Our approach to how we photograph your day is to be unobtrusive, efficient and creative. We are storytellers.. we try and document moments in your day you will only realise happened when you look back on your photos.. we have a great eye for detail and will endeavour to capture your day in a time-less array of special moments you can look back on for years to come. Emma & I work great as a team, having 2 photographers on your day means your less likely to have moments missed.. you will generally get 2 perspectives of events throughout your day and you get double the support when your nerves kick in and you don't know which foot your left shoe goes on!